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Over 30 Years Experience in Teaching Quran

We will take your child step-by-step to learn how to read the Quran online with Tajweed. You can do this from the comfort of your home with the guidance of expert Quran teachers, this makes online Quran learning a lot easier. Our resources have been carefully designed by keeping in mind the age and abilities of learners.

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Our Vision

Our Aim
Our Aim
Our Objective
Our Objective

Let’s Learn to Read the Quran

This course is designed to teach young people how to read the Quran. The books are full of…

The Majestic Quran

This reader-friendly translation of the Quran will help you to understand the section you are reading and learn…


We have specially designed these posters on various themes aimed at providing Islamic education for young Muslims. The…

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Benefits of learning with us

Why choose Let's Learn Islam for your child:

Backed by Karimia Institute that has been operating nationally for 30 years.
Awarded Charity of the Year 2020 at British Muslim Awards.
Developed our own Islamic studies curriculum that is widely used.
Rigorous training programme for staff in all aspects of delivering high quality teaching.
Committed and capable leadership that develop staff and ensure high quality teaching​.
Rigorous systems for assessment and reviews that are reported to parents on a termly basis​.

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